Behold Relics

Nebra Pendant - Silver

£80.00 - £100.00

This special Nebra pendant is an ode to the Nebra Sky Disc, a magical object that is said to be the oldest known depiction of the night sky. This 3600 year old, bronze age find is essentially the first map of the stars. The shapes on the disc are said to represent the sun, moon and stars. The true purpose of the Nebra Sky disc remains unknown, but many believe it may have been used to track the passing of years, and was most likely used during special religious ceremonies and rituals.

This miniature, wearable version is cast from a mould of a wax original I created by hand. It is not an exact copy of the real disc, but the mystery of this object inspired me to recreate the shapes and symbols into a wearable treasure.

This pendant comes with the option of ordering with or without an 18" chain. The Satellite chain is sterling silver, and elegantly complements the imagery of celestial bodies.

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